Course description
The course explores the essentials of database management; how to capture, store, retrieve and analyze information skillfully and effectively. Students also familiarize with design principles and database management technologies and gain experience working in distributed, mainframe, client-server and desktop environments.

The aim is to help students be prepared to design and implement both transaction processing and decision support databases, and to use data mining technologies to discover the structure, trends, and relationships in the data to produce valuable business insights and effective decision support processes.

Students demonstrate: Advanced knowledge of database modeling and design, database implementation, distributed databases, object-oriented and object-relational databases, and databases for web applications, as well as typical data mining methods. Proficiency in the design, implementation, performance tuning of different types of databases, and in performing data mining tasks on various types of data. Competence sufficient to participate in the design and implementation of large, distributed database systems and business intelligence systems

Career Options
Database Architect
Database Administrator
Computer Programmer
Network Architect
Systems Analyst