Course description
This programme covers both the breadth and the inter-disciplinary aspect of business as a whole. It balances conceptual knowledge with an applied curriculum that is also suitable for vast positions in various industries such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resource and others. The programme lays down fundamental principles on the essentials of effective office management and administration. Key skills and knowledge transferable to any management position.

The aim is to prepare students for a career in a business management and administration; to run businesses successfully, and provides the foundation for any successful career involving business, management or administration. It is also aimed at equipping students with comprehensive management knowledge to deal effectively with the rapidly changing environment. It offers a unique opportunity for students to enhance their understanding of the ‘whole enterprise’ in its competitive situation.

Students develop understanding of business organizations and their key elements; explore wider considerations such as environments, markets and processes; and how all these work together. Understand the theory and practice of specific functional management areas. Apply specific functional management skills to increase the productivity and business efficiency in their areas of responsibility.

Career Options
Account coordinator
Business Development
Office Administrator
Client Relations
Financial Officer
Operations Officers